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CCBE to define, deploy and adjust best practices for the California Cannabis Industry

Our previous post about the upcoming California Cannabis Business Expo (CCBE) hosted by  next week on March 5-8 in San Diego highlighted reasons for industry professionals to attend and how this event has helped companies in the past.

Another big focus of the CCBE, particularly this time around with the recent passage of Proposition 64 in California, is compliance.

Larry Horwitz, chairman of the board and founder of MJIC said, “The mission of MJIC is to assure the creation of a transparent comprehensive legal environment deployed into a marketplace which is increasingly void of the greatest threat to our success, which is the black market. The citizens and our leaders have elected to roll out a legal MJ industry; this will clearly be the largest MJ marketplace in the world; MJIC is an important part of this and we want to assure it is done with a relentless monitoring of the roll out so that best practices are defined, deployed and adjusted.”

Aside from many other renowned speakers, the CCBE will host also host U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher, and San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who will both undoubtedly address the changing landscape of the California industry under the new law.

U.S Representative Dana Rohrabacher will be speaking at CCBE

U.S Representative Dana Rohrabacher will be speaking at CCBE

Recent comments made by the Trump Administration have cast a shadow over adult use cannabis, reinforcing the urgency of federal cannabis policy reform. While adult use cannabis may have an uncertain future, it has found an ally in U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher, R-California, co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. With cannabis history in the making, the California Cannabis Business Expo is proud to share the opportunity of hearing Rep. Rohrbacher speak with you.

For more information, see the event information below or look here

The 3rd Annual Spring Cannabis Business Expo is produced by MJIC Media and sponsored by the Marijuana Investor Summit. This event has been recognized as a leading forum in one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. This year our expo will be held in San Diego, California at the Sheraton Marina. With Southern California covering nearly 60% of California’s entire population and the passing of Proposition 64, we are looking forward to large turnout in support of this year’s CCBE event.

When – March 5 – 8, 2017

History – The first Marijuana Summit and Business Expo held in Denver in April of 2015 received accolades from all in attendance; followed by the CCBE in San Francisco which drew 1700+ attendees. The energy, networking, education and business created at these shows firmly places the CCBE as a leader in the industry. The San Diego California Cannabis Business Expo will be bigger, better and provide the highest quality networking and education held in the cannabis industry. Our goal is to be the BEST professional B2B event in the industry while providing the most value for each and every person that attends and participates.

Where – The California Cannabis Business Expo will take place at the Sheraton Marina in San Diego. The expo, located in the Pavilion, features 20,000 square feet of space for the best quality networking. There is a separate networking arena that will feature early stage cannabis businesses, infused product manufacturers, and cultivation supply companies. Educational sessions for owners, operators and investors will take place in our ballrooms that feature covered, outdoor lounge areas overlooking the marina. Participating sponsors will have access to private rooms with capacities ranging from 20 to 200 attendees, for meetings, private events and presentations to further specific business goals and objectives; or, rent one of the luxurious marina catamarans for an evening party for select clients and employees.

Why California? Beyond the recently passed proposition to make recreational cannabis use legal in California; the medical cannabis market remains the largest in legal cannabis in North America today, dwarfing other legal markets like Colorado and Washington.

New regulations have already been started in California, and the regulatory changes will be a key opportunity to participate in discussions with possible sponsors and exhibitors attending the show. Businesses will need new infrastructure, new software, new technologies to compete. Cultivation is a HUGE piece of this industry as well – the cultivators are currently the largest source of income and sales for ancillary products from lights and construction to environmental and nutrients.

Truth is, there just is no better place to have a Cannabis Business Expo than California!

Who Attends – Since our inaugural event on 4-20-2015 in Denver, our attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers read like the “Who’s Who” in cannabis! Connect with corporate officers from publicly traded companies, management of the largest providers of ancillary products, owners and operators for cultivation and dispensaries, companies, qualified investment funds, private equity firms, family offices, leading angel investors, up and coming entrepreneurs, emerging brands, award winning infused product producers, expert service providers from accounting to legal firms to compliance – you name it, we will have it!