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Attend 2017 CannaCon Business Convention in Seattle

Attend 2017 CannaCon Business Convention in Seattle! As this everchanging cannabis industry grows from a reported 57 billion dollars in 2016, With conventions in Denver, Alaska, California, Jamaica, and Boston in 2017 CannaCon is continuing to grow across America and around the world.From politicians to celebrities and innovators, we have created a diverse, educational, and enriching platform to develop a future of success for the cannabis industry with 97,000 square feet in exhibit space with over 300 businesses from around the world, symposiums, budtender certification classes, networking events, live glassblowing, cooking shows, and more!

Please be aware, however, that this is a non-smoking and non-consuming event dedicated to business development.

As we welcome a new Administration, this year may be one of our most important years in cannabis business. We wish to make America great again by returning an agricultural commodity to our country, creating new jobs, driving billions in tax revenue to give us a stronger, enriched program in our schools, and to connect businesses to a greener future filled with the success of strong locally owned businesses and sustainable corporations. Unity throughout the industry might be more important now than ever before.

CannaCon® is creating a greener future for the global marketplace in education, horticulture, packaging, automation and genetics. Our trade show is designed for the innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, for the novice and the curious! This Conference is one of the catalysts for business and integration between cannabis and Industry, or from automation to the zoning of your cannabis grow operations.

This Conference takes place February 16, 17, and 18 and is sure to offer valuable learning opportunities as well as insights from the programming. There are seminar topics offered on everything from growing to marketing to compliance (to name a few) in the cannabis industry. Learn more about CannaCon and purchase tickets Press and Media