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Understanding The Rick & Morty Bong Craze

If you have watched the Rick and Morty show there is a good chance that you have caught a reference or two quoting drug use. In fact, just about every episode has something to do with losing reality or getting wasted on space age herbs. This in conjunction with the rising legalization of herb and you are truly looking at a sub culture where the sky is the limit. Now, that herbs are viewed in a different light more and more individuals are starting to experiment with the substance. Throughout their experiences they are being exposed to new sub cultures like Rick and Morty along with their unique assortments of accessories.

Learn Who Rick And Morty Are

Before you venture out and start investing in Rick and Morty bongs, you need to understand who the duo are. Ricky and Morty is an animated series that appears on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Throughout its introduction into the world of animation, the show has been catapulted to the top of the IMDB rankings. In fact, it has developed such a following that the fans are making Games of Throne’s fans feel average. You can watch the show and it will be pretty evident early on that herb isn’t the central part of any character's arc. However, it is presumable that Rick can access every drug in every conceivable universe with the right motivation.

The Trident Glass Rick And Morty Bong

The Trident Glass Rick and Morty bong isn’t the most transportable, but it you are looking for something stationary that can be placed on the coffee table, the Trident Bong is perfect for you. This bong is literally 15 inches tall with a 50 millimeter wide mouthpiece. Just like the name of the bong, you can rest assured that this piece is larger than life and will provide you with some of the biggest hits that you will get in your life. The bong is constructed of Oregon-based Trident glass and has a stellar reputation.

Gettin’ High With Rick Bong

The only reason to smoke herb out of a Ricky and Morty bong is to envision yourself tripping with the duo on a wild space adventure. Well, that is exactly what the Gettin’ High with Rick dong offers. This single chamber bong features an 18 mm female joint with an 18/14 mm removable downstem. The bowl itself is 14 mm wide and will hold a pretty good size piece of herb. The bong is without a doubt memorable and iconic as it has the show’s main character taking a hit of herb from a bong.

Rick And Morty Break Bad Bong

What herb smoker could ever forget the iconic show Breaking Bad? You combine the seriousness of Breaking Bad with the humor of Rick and Morty and you are looking at one remarkable scene. This is why the creators of the Rick and Morty Break Bad Bong decided to depict this very image on their product. The artwork on the bong is textured to give a 3D look and feel. Depicted on the front of the bong, you will find Rick and Morty themselves decked out in Walter White bio-hazard suits. The Break Bad bong is available through a number of reliable providers like big daddy smoke and it features a five-inch chamber for huge herb hits.

Why Smoke Out Of A Rick And Morty Bong

One of the first questions that you probably asked yourself at the beginning of this article was, why would I want to smoke out of a Rick and Morty bong? Well, the first reason is that you are going to be paying homage to two of the most iconic, animated characters on TV today. Another major benefit of smoking herb through a bong is that you are going to be able to pack more into one setting. Just look at the size of the downstems and how much herb you can pack into one setting. Probably more than you and your friends will be able to consume why watching your favorite animated characters. In addition to this, bongs do not produce the heat that is usually associated with smaller pipes. You will be able to smoke more before worrying about burning your lips or hands.

The Rick and Morty Beaker Bong

When most people look at the Beaker Bong they are going to think, why would I want to invest in this bong of all the other Rick and Morty bongs when the characters aren’t even included on the front? Well, that is not the case at all. Ricky is, in fact, on the front of the bong. He is just in disguise. Along with this, you will find a domed shower head perc hidden on the neck. The images are all etched into the bong so you can rest assured that they aren’t going to fade or wear off over time. The smoking intake water pipe is located at a 45 degrees to allow for excellent consumption of tobacco or herb.

Where To Buy Rick And Morty Bongs

There are a number of places where you can purchase Rick and Morty smoking accessories. You can visit your local headshops or if you want a more versatile selection, you can always hit up the Internet. Just remember to do your research and make sure that you are buying from a reputable vendor before investing.